10 Christmas gifts for a traveler that Santa won’t have a hard time to find


Christmas is right around the corner and what would you want people give to you or you would give to a friend that travels a lot? You barely see each other, how would you know?
When I think about what I want, all that comes to me is: What’s going to be really useful and helpful for me?! Then I make my list…

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is:

  • A million dollars ,
  • Infinite airline miles
  • First class service
  • Fancy hotel stay for each one of my 48759 trips (this year)

Yeah… I think that’s all. Easy enough, eh Santa?!

That would be a dream come true for any human being haha but Santa can’t afford that, he has other travelers to attend, so let’s use a realistic list to help him out and everybody else that needs to choose a gift for you.

Here we go…

10. Luggage Tag & Luggage Lock

I put these two together because they are simple, cheap, easy and also very helpful. Remember to get a TSA approved lock.
For the Tag you can personalize it too, so cute.


9. Passport Wallet 
How many times did you have to juggle million things in your hands when passing through security?
Well, maybe keeping everything together would be easier


8. Travel Pillow
Travel can be very tiring either in the airplane, boat, bus, train or car and is good to be able to take a little nap or even sleep through the night when the trip is very long


7. Sleeping Mask
This one, just like the #8 is also helpful for long or overnight trips, again… when you’re trying to sleep, comfort helps A LOT!
I’m not an easy sleeper in airplanes and cars.. so that’s really helpful for me.
Plus.. you can find fun and themed ones so you can get creative to surprise your loved ones.


6. Microfiber Travel Towel
If you or the traveler you are gifting love hiking, camping and all those type of adventures this is a good one.
It is a space saver when you already have to carry a lot and is good to have it just in case, right?!


5. Phone Lenses
If you or the person that you’re gifting likes to take pictures this one is a good unique option.


4. Jewelry organizer or Shaving Kit
These are self-explained, who doesn’t need it?


3. Luggage Packing Cubes
Organize, save time and space!


2. Carry on Cocktail 
Yes, you read it right! You can have a drink with you wherever you go. How awesome is that?


1. Electronics Organizer
Ok, let’s be honest here: this is helpful for ANYONE nowadays. So many cables, plugs, USBs, memory cards, wires.. anyways, this is perfect!


So this a simple list, you can always add a travel mug, a travel ornament, gift cards, a nice travel card filled with some kind words written by you.. the important thing is to give love!

I hope you liked it.
What would you recommend adding to it? Comment below sharing your thoughts and opinion for the perfect list.

Happy Holidays everyone, enjoy it! 🙂


“The best things in life aren’t things” – Art Buchwald



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