Items I can’t travel without (Tips for packing)

I know packing can be pretty boring. Trust me, I’m not a big fan either.
But after packing few times you already have those things that you know that you can’t travel without.

I’m going to share with you some tips and items that I really love a lot and I always take with me.

If going to a warm / tropical place
♦ Insect repellent – Trust me, you should always have it with you, but even better in my opinion is to buy locally. Why? The formulas are made to prevent the local type of bugs, so it will be stronger in that matter. But hey, you never know if you’re going to find a place to buy right away considering airports are an expensive place to shop. It doesn’t hurt to carry with you, right?!
♦ Bug cream – Well, even though you are prepared with the first item, some bugs are stubborn. After my trip to Noronha, Brazil became a must for tropical places. It will prevent and relief the itchiness.

If going to a cold / winter place
♦ Hand warmers / feet warmers – I literally have a box of those at home. Being married to a hockey player made me learn a lot about not feeling cold hahaha if there’s one thing that I don’t like it’s being cold.
♦ Boots – It doesn’t matter if there’s snow or not, if the weather is cold, a good and warm pair of boots are always welcome. Those with fur inside and non slippery are the best. I don’t care if they’re not glamorous, again: I HATE feeling cold haha


For any occasion
♦ Steamer (travel size) – This one seems unnecessary at first, but trust me, even my husband that it’s an easy packer, love this one!
For dresses, shirts, if you have a fancy event or just for casual clothes. Those stubborn fabrics that even if you fold really good insist on messing up.
♦ Travel pillow plus from TRTL – This pillow is LIFE! I was the type of person that could NOT sleep in a flight. In a 12 hour overnight flight to Brazil, to visit my family  I would close my eyes for 3-4hrs maximum and that was it. I would get there in the morning, everyone happy and ready to go out and have fun, and me completely tired, with black eyes that no makeup would cover. (click here to open the link and shop)
This pillow changed my travel life for real.
So, make yourself a favor and buy this pillow. Even if you have no problem sleeping in flights or anywhere else, you’ll just thank me and TRTL company for the comfort that it provides you. 
♦ Compression socks –
This is another item that became very important for me. I got mine at TRTL as well. I get swollen feet during flights and not just the appearance of big feet but it’s completely uncomfortable. So I take my compression socks with me always. I make some exercises sitting and walking and then I’m ready to go.
♦ Little Pharmacy – It doesn’t matter where you are, but especially for out of country, I highly recommend to prepare a little bag with medicines that you are used to and that you could use in determinate circumstances. For example band-aid, migraine pills, stomach upset tablets, etc. You never know if you are going to find those items easily in the pharmacy and if you’re going to get any reaction to them.
♦ Power adapter (universal) – Ok, this one it’s self explanatory it’s something that you should definitely have with you when traveling to another country. Definitely easier to have an universal than one for each country, right? And you never know when you’re going to need to plug in your phone, hairdryer, etc.
♦ Makeup bag – I don’t like when my make up gets all over my bag, I like to be organized and have it all in one place and sometimes the regular bags don’t fit or get too bulky, so I got my Magic Pouch at Pink Trend and you can shop with this link: Pink Trend Shop and use MAY15 on checkout for 15% discount (site wide) and happy shopping! 🙂
♦ Comfy Pants – There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being in the airplane sitting for hours with wrong clothing, so I try to always travel with comfortable clothes and that includes those sweat pants / leggings (not tight ones)
♦ Sunglasses – Doesn’t matter where I’m going, sunglasses ALWAYS!


I usually make a list with all the items I need to pack before separating all, it’s easier to visualize what you really need.
I sometimes add more stuff while I’m packing LOL (yes, I know… it’s me!)

I asked this question to my followers on Instagram and here is what they came up with:
• Phone charger by @tatikatako_realtor
• Headphones and Eye Mask by @faithrjennings
• A Backpack by @_daanielle
• Empty memory card & empty mind by @rideforwild_jungle_tourism_
• Underwear by @laismoroni
• Camera by @roneth_fernando
• Vitalizing water by @nikstir_13

Thanks for all the help that you guys provided me for this post, but most importantly thanks for being with me everyday ♥

Anything that you think I should be adding to my travel list?
If yes, PLEASE write it down here.. I love trying new items and that it will also help others to add on their lists 🙂


“Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack” – Unknown 


4 thoughts on “Items I can’t travel without (Tips for packing)

  1. I loved your tips May!!! The makeup case is really a good idea, and those hand warmes are highly recommended to photographers!
    Can’t wait to see your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laiz 🙂
      Hand warmers for everybody lol
      I love them, literally got a big box of those to always have it at home during winter time.
      For the makeup pouch check their website and type MAY15 on the check out for 15% discount 😉
      they are simply amazing!


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